The Gamekeeper and the Chef Box

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Here it is, the first of our gamekeeper boxes. From partridge, wild boar and stunning mallard to venison, a super healthy and sustainable meat adored by chefs for its incredible flavour.
Along with a few treats, venison chorizo, wild boar salchichon and fruitpig black pudding.
Thats breakfast lunch and dinner in the bag!

£90.00 inc Delivery

Sauce It works with small artisan producers of the finest ingredients, as such when they are gone, they are gone. We suggest you order quickly to guarantee your box.

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We order direct with the farmers, fishermen and producers. The restaurant quality ingredients are then picked/ caught at their freshest and sent straight to you in one of our insulated 'woolcool' boxes.

What's Included in the Box

A pair of fresh Partridge

Bang in season right now, these fresh Partridge are amazing, try serving with the outstanding Fruitpig black pudding as a stuffing

Ingredients / Allergens: Partridge


A whole Mallard Duck.

Mallard, a real treat of a bird, roasted it’s perfect for two to share, glazed with a good honey.

Ingredients / Allergens: Duck

Two Venison haunch steaks

An extremely healthy meat, treat it like any great steak, seared in a hot pan and finished with butter, allow it to rest for a few minutes before tucking in.

Ingredients / Allergens: Venison

Diced wild boar

Wild boar are very common throughout Spain. They roam freely on the forests acorn, grass and roots. This diet gives the meat a very unique tasty flavour, a bit sweeter than pork.
Wild boar meat is very healthy and lean. It has a third less fat, calories and cholesterol than pork, and it is higher in protein than pork, beef, lamb and chicken. When cooking wild boar it is very important to marinate it right, between 24 and 48h in advance. Herbs, spices, wine, buttermilk, mustard, fruits…will provide a wonderful subtle flavour to the meat.
Wild boar meat is ideal to roast or use in slow cooked stews together with root vegetables or dried fruits.
It pairs well with full bodied red wines or sweeter ones like amontillado sherry.

Ingredients / Allergens: Diced wild boar leg, shoulder and neck

Wild and cultivated mushrooms

Fabulous mixed wild and cultivated Mushrooms, ideal to accompany the venison or the diced wild boar, maybe a touch of truffle?

Ingredients / Allergens: Mushrooms

Fruitpig black pudding

A mix of fresh blood, British oats and barley, British pork fat, onion and spices, this black pudding is incomparable to mass-produced, dried blood versions. Succulent and rich, we supply our pudding to some of the finest eateries in the land.

Ingredients / Allergens: Fresh, local pigs' blood (28%), British pork fat (24%), British OATS and BARLEY, onions, salt, spices. There is no wheat, maize, dairy, chilli, nitrate or sulphite in Fruit Pig black pudding. Ingredient salt contains E535 anti-caking agent. Allergens- gluten

Venison chorizo

Chorizo made with pure wild venison and 12% pork fat.
Gamey flavour and firm texture. Not too cured.
Delicious to have it on its own, in pasta dishes, risottos or pizza.

Ingredients / Allergens: Ingredients:. Red deer trimming (80%), pork fat (12%), salt, paprika, garlic, sugars, vegetable protein, natural flavour, rosemary extract (E-392), dextrose, paprika oleoresin, oregano. NO PRESERVATIVES. LACTOSE FREE. SOY FREE. MUSTARD FREE. GLUTEN FREE

Wild boar Salchichon with peppercorns

Wild boar salchichon with peppercorns, a unique game flavour, perfect as a snack or starter.

Ingredients / Allergens: Ingredients:. wild boar trimming (80%), pork fat (12%), salt, sugars, vegetable protein, spices, natural flavour, wrapped in a layer of pepper. DOES NOT CONTAIN LACTOSE, SOY, MUSTARD OR GLUTEN

£90.00 inc Delivery

Sauce It works with small artisan producers of the finest ingredients, as such when they are gone, they are gone. We suggest you order quickly to guarantee your box.

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