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We’ve brought together the absolute best of best from Spain. Small producers of outstanding quality, sit back and relax, take the weekend off and indulge in some the worlds finest ingredients, enjoyed with a glass of Manzanilla sherry.

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Sauce It works with small artisan producers of the finest ingredients, as such when they are gone, they are gone. We suggest you order quickly to guarantee your box.

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We order direct with the farmers, fishermen and producers. The restaurant quality ingredients are then picked/ caught at their freshest and sent straight to you in one of our insulated 'woolcool' boxes.

What's Included in the Box

Don Bocarte Cantabrian Anchovies

“Simply the best Anchovies I’ve tasted. ”

Spain’s most prestigious producer of anchovies.
With generations of know how, Don Bocarte spring anchovies are caught at their very best in the ports of Santona, Gijon, and Ondorra in the Cantabrian sea. Hand selected by experts and cured in salt for 8-10 months before being preserved in a fabulous extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients / Allergens: Anchovy fillets (FISH) from the cantabrian sea, extra virgin olive oil , salt

Extrem Hand Carved BELLOTA Shoulder

“Top Tip, Bring the charcuterie to room temperature before eating or pour boiling water over the sealed packet to wake it up! ” Matt

100% Bellota shoulder hand carved for you to enjoy at home. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour, with sweet nutty notes and a complex long-lasting aftertaste. Cured for a minimum of 24 months, the meat has wonderful marbling which complements the flavour

Ingredients / Allergens: 100% Iberico- BELLOTA Pork Shoulder, Common Salt, Sugar, Acidity Corrector (E-331iii), Preservatives (E-(252, E-250) and Antioxidant (E-301). NO ALLERGENS. NO GMO.

Extrem Sliced BELLOTA Chorizo,100% IBERICO

“The same applies here, Bring the charcuterie to room temperature before eating or pour boiling water over the sealed packet to wake it up! ” Matt.

A 100% Bellota chorizo packed with flavour. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour, which is complemented by the variety of spices added by the producers at Extrem. It is best enjoyed after being allowed to warm to room temperature

Ingredients / Allergens: 100% Iberico-BELLOTA lean pork cuts (160 g per 100 g (finished product), salt, water, pepper, dextrin, dextrose, emulsifiers: E-450i, E-450 iii,E-451i, E-452i, E-452ii; sugar, meat protein (pig), garlic paste, antioxidants: E-301, E-331iii, E-325; Oregano, preservatives: E-252; flavour enhancers: E-627, E-631. NO ALLERGENS. NO GMO.

El bosquenho goats cheese with oloroso sherry

A very fabulous goats cheese left to marinate in oloroso sherry, the most amazing aroma

Ingredients / Allergens: Pasteurised goats milk, animal rennet, stabiliser (calcium chloride and dairy ferments), Oloroso sherry sauce (5.4%) Oloroso sherry wine (sulphites) grape juice (from concentrate) sherry vinegar and natural thickener ( xanthum gum)

Truffled Manchego

A truly fabulous cured Manchego cheese laced with summer truffles, a fabulous addition to any cheese board or a top ingredient. Try brushing ribeye steak with English mustard and plenty of grated truffle cheese, finished in a hot oven. Or simply grated over pasta with extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients / Allergens: Raw Shepard milk cheese, rennet, salt, summer truffles Contains milk, egg.

Omed Picual extra virgin olive oil

“This amazing oil has been voted Spain’s best olive oil, its truly outstanding ” Tom

O-Med Picual is made 100% of Picual Olives and produced in the family own mill, strictly from their own family groves. The harvest take place at the beginning of October. And it will be processed immediately, the very 1st day of harvest.
Its aroma is categorized as medium fruitiness with tomato plant, green almond and hints of aromatic herbs. The palate gives a persistent taste of artichoke, and green walnut. The oil is balanced with a long peppery finish. Providing outstanding complexity and layers of flavour to your dish.
We suggest to pair the intense aroma with any tomato dish, sauce or soup. Also, you can match the robustness with bitter green salads containing arugula or radicchio. Or you can use it to finish grilled meats or octopus.

Ingredients / Allergens: Ingredients: Picual

Manzanilla Xixarito sherry

An outstanding sherry, serve chilled, absolutely perfect with seafood, spot on with our Cantabrian anchovies

Ingredients / Allergens: Manzanilla Sherry 15%

Marinated white anchovies from Cadiz

“These are just superb drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and chilli flakes! ” .

Fabulous marinated anchovies from Cadiz, simply superb perfectly filleted large anchovy fillets.

Ingredients / Allergens: ALLERGENS Fish, Crustaceans, Molluscs and products thereof.

Wood Fire Grilled Sardines Loins in Escabeche, 150g

“Some of the best tinned fish on the planet! ” Tom

GüeyuMar (The eye of the sea) is a small restaurant by the beach (PlayaVega), owned by husband and wife: Abel and Luisa. Together, they have managed to preserve the essence of awarded GüeyuMar unaltered on their limited production of tinned “grilled” fish products. Each tin captures the flavour, aroma and texture of their signature-Wood fire grilled cuisine

Ingredients / Allergens: Allergens, fish and products thereof Ingredients: Sardines(Loins) (Sardina Pilchardus) and Escabeche (EVOO, vinegar, onion, paprika and spices).

Lodosa Piquillo peppers

La Catedral de Navarra is a family business founded 70 years ago by the Sainz Family on the firm commitment of offering the best quality preserved vegetables and pulses. Their secret? The rich fertile soil, extreme temperatures and abundant rainfall from the Navarrese Ebro Valley. In their own words “Nature endows us with her delicious produce, and we preserve it for the most discerning palates”.
The products from La Catedral de Navarra are elaborated and preserved immediately on arrival from the field, to preserve their full natural and authentic flavour.

Ingredients / Allergens: Ingredients: Piquillo peppers, salt and acidity regulator: citric acid

Moscatel Vinegar, 250ml, glass bottle

Perfect for drizzling and cooking, We suggest you use this vinegar to in all your salads!

Ingredients / Allergens: Wine vinegar Allergens: sulphites. NO GMO.

Paul and Pippa truffle crackers

“Truffle crackers, they’re superb and add a real decadence to any occasion ”

Paul and Pippa are Veronica ´s grandparents who used to make lovely buscuits and crackers with the best Olive Oil and seasonal local ingredients in the family bakery. Verónica has decided to recover the family old recipes and give them a modern twist to produce buscuits and crackers full of Mediterranean flavour.

Ingredients / Allergens: Ingredients: Wheat flour (gluten), olive oil (17%), vegetable fiber, sugar, salt, dextrose and truffle flavour aroma (1%). ALLERGENS WHEAT and products thereof. It may contain traces of coconut, nuts, milk and eggs NO GMO FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS AND ADDITIVES.

Organic Rosemary Unpasteurised Honey, 300g, jar

All honey varieties are packed by the beekeepers from their own bee hives located in Natural Parks.They are exquisite honeys with all its properties intact, originating from Mediterranean rosemary flowers, found in the Natural Parks of Sierra Mariola and La Safor.
These natural parks are located in the province of Alicante and Valencia (Spain) at an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters above sea level

Ingredients / Allergens: none

Retail Stone in Hechizos 85g dw, tin

Maestros Aceituneros is a company that, since its foundation in 1960, wanted to make the best olives and pickles, recovering traditional flavours respecting the environment and the heritage of this ancestral industry. They produce quality table olives and pickles from the best harvests following local recipes of their olive masters.
About the product: Manzanilla olives cracked and seasoned with local spices, following a traditional recipe from La Rioja. Savoury taste and a crisp texture

Ingredients / Allergens: NO ALLERGENS. NO GMO Ingredients:Cracked green olives(Stonein), water, sunflower oil (3.5%), salt, flavor enhancers(E-621,E-627andE-631), mixtureofspices, acidulants(E-270andE-330), preservatives(E-202andE-211), aroma, antioxidant(E-300) and mineral salts(zincchloride)

Les Garrigues Roasted Almonds, 275g, Glass Milk Jar

These delicious nuts come from the Les Garrigues Cooperative Farm in Catalonia. They are naturally sweet, with an intense aroma and a moreish lingering aftertaste. .

Ingredients / Allergens: Ingredients:nuts (100%) ALLERGENS: It may contain traces of Peanuts and Tree Nuts. GLUTEN FREE.

Organic Ines Rosales Olive Oil Torta

“A slight hint of anise, these sweet biscuits go fantastically well with the oloroso cheese. ” Tom

Inés Rosales is a family business founded in Seville in 1910 by Inés Rosales Cabello, who recovered an old family recipe for making Olive Oil biscuits (tortas). Today, with state of the
art facilities ,Inés Rosales continues to make each and every Olive Oil torta by hand, following the original recipe. These iconic Tortas show case the unknown traditional Andalusian bakery.

Ingredients / Allergens: Allergens WHEAT and products thereof. SESAME SEEDS and products thereof. It may contain traces of NUTS (Almonds) and products thereof. NO GMO. FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS AND ADDITIVES. Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (24%), sugar, anise seeds, sesame seeds (0,6%), yeast, sea salt and natural aniseed essence.

£120.00 inc Delivery

Sauce It works with small artisan producers of the finest ingredients, as such when they are gone, they are gone. We suggest you order quickly to guarantee your box.

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