The Weekend collection by Matt Tebbutt

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Matt’s latest book is filled with fantastic recipes to get the whole weekend going. From spicy Friday nights to brunch, dinner parties with friends and Sunday lunch, now this fantastic book is available with all those hard to find ingredients to give you a larder worthy of any top chef.

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What's Included in the Box

Weekend by Matt Tebbutt

“Matt is very much a cook after my own heart. I love his recipes. ” Rick Stein

A copy of Matt’s fabulous new book.
The weekend is the chance to kick of your shoes and relax.
Matt is never short of a fast meal idea or a menu for guests that will impress.
Now you can buy the book along with some of those hard to find ingredients to give you the ultimate larder to back up his incredible recipes.

Omed Picual extra virgin olive oil

“This amazing oil has been voted Spain’s best olive oil, its truly outstanding ”

O-Med Picual is made 100% of Picual Olives and produced in the family own mill, strictly from their own family groves. The harvest take place at the beginning of October. And it will be processed immediately, the very 1st day of harvest.
Its aroma is categorized as medium fruitiness with tomato plant, green almond and hints of aromatic herbs. The palate gives a persistent taste of artichoke, and green walnut. The oil is balanced with a long peppery finish. Providing outstanding complexity and layers of flavour to your dish.
We suggest to pair the intense aroma with any tomato dish, sauce or soup. Also, you can match the robustness with bitter green salads containing rocket or radicchio. Or you can use it to finish grilled meats or fish

Ingredients / Allergens: Ingredients: Picual

Cider vinegar

“Cider vinegar lifts so may recipes to a new high”

Another store cupboard must have, great with seafood, fabulous with crab

Red wine vinegar

“Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar is superb, a good vinegar is as important as great olive oil”

A truly great red wine vinegar, an essential ingredient in Matt’s anchoiade dip

Moscatel Vinegar, 250ml, glass bottle

“Moscatel vinegar is slightly sweet and perfectly suited to seafood”

Perfect for drizzling and cooking, We suggest you use this vinegar to in all your salads!

Ingredients / Allergens: Wine vinegar Allergens: sulphites. NO GMO.

Mevalco Don Bocarte anchovies

“The finest anchovies on the planet”

These are absolutely superb, a next level collaboration between one the worlds best anchovy producers and a truly outstanding supplier of Mediterranean ingredients. Try these on their own or with Matt’s rack of lamb, charred broccoli, ricotta and grilled chillies

Ingredients / Allergens: Anchovies , salt , olive oil

Caviar lentils

“As the name suggests, these are some of the finest lentils to cook with”

Fabulous little black jewels, these lentils are superb, try them with crisp-fried goats cheese and spiced roasted apple.

Ingredients / Allergens: Lentils

Sichuan pepper

“Fabulously floral pepper corns!”

Sichuan pepper corns have an addictive numbing effect, try Matt’s cumin roasted cauliflower with Sichuan pepper and peanut dip.

Ingredients / Allergens: Pepper corns

Las hermanas hot smoked paprika

“Beautifullly packaged and made using age old methods”

A traditional stone ground paprika with a kick from the fabulous sisters at Las Hermanas, ideal for the smokey chicken with sweet corn and mango salsa

Ingredients / Allergens: Dried smoked pepper, sunflower oil

Togarashi spice

“Togarashi spice mix..... for a slightly unorthodox approach, toss over roasted vegetables to give them a kick. ”

Togarashi spice mix is full of that umami flavour we all crave, fantastic for seasoning fish and meat, or adding a kick to any broth or stir fry.

Ingredients / Allergens: Re peppers, yuzu peel, black sesame, seaweed, sansho, hemp seeds , poppy seeds.

Belazu Rose Harissa

This Rose Harissa has a slow-burning chilli heat, balanced with sweet smokiness that adds real depth of flavour to any dish. Try Matt’s Harissa monkfish with pomegranate and orange salad and za’atar flatbread, it’s delicious!

Ingredients / Allergens: rose Harissa paste (rehydrated red peppers, sunflower oil, garlic, spices, salt,rose petals, acidity regulator: citric acid)


“A super food we should all be using more often”

Perfect in a seaweed butter, see Matt’s recipe for King scallops with pickled girolles and seaweed butter.

Ingredients / Allergens: May contain traces of shellfish and fish


“A splash of good Madeira can really add something special to a dish, you can use it to deglaze the roasting pan when cooking a rib of beef, it’s a fantastic ingredient and great drink ”

Henriques and Henriques finest full rich Madeira.
Ageing for five years in oak casks has given this wine high a high concentration and richness. Dark gold in colour with strong aromas and flavours of ripe fruit, caramel and coffee.

Chinese black rice vinegar

“An unusual ingredient used in quite a few of Matt’s fantastic recipes”

Fantastic vinegar to cut through fatty dishes like pork belly, also great with wok fried fish

Ingredients / Allergens: Glutinous rice, wheat bran, sugar , salt

Miso paste

“Fantastic traditional Japanese seasoning ”

Miso is made by fermenting soybeans, its incredibly healthy and adds a great punch to so many dishes. Try a miso and shallot butter poured over your brunch eggs.

Ingredients / Allergens: Water soybeans rice salt alcohol

Truffle salt

“Addictive, season your eggs for breakfast with this salt!”

A fabulous salt to use when seasoning anything from pasta to chicken.

Ingredients / Allergens: Salt, truffle

£160.00 inc Delivery

Sauce It works with small artisan producers of the finest ingredients, as such when they are gone, they are gone. We suggest you order quickly to guarantee your box.

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