The Dexter Beef Steak Box

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Some of the finest Dexter beef steaks, two 6oz fillet steaks, two 12 oz feather blade steaks, a 24oz rump steak and the mighty 24oz tomahawk steak. You will also find some fantastic small producer ingredients that perfectly match the steaks, from smoked butter to truffle salsa, awesome Isle of White blue cheese and a top notch tarragon mustard.
Also suitable for home freezing.

£125.00 inc Delivery

Sauce It works with small artisan producers of the finest ingredients, as such when they are gone, they are gone. We suggest you order quickly to guarantee your box.

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We order direct with the farmers, fishermen and producers. The restaurant quality ingredients are then picked/ caught at their freshest and sent straight to you in one of our insulated 'woolcool' boxes.

What's Included in the Box

Tomahawk steak

“For the mighty Tomahawk steak, season well both sides and oil lightly. put onto a hot bbq grill or into a very hot pan. Leave it alone for around 10 minutes to form a good crust on the meat. Don’t be tempted to keep moving it around! Turn over and repeat. The whole thing should be cooked rare in around 25 minutes. Rest with 3-4 slices of truffle butter over the top to melt. Spoon the juices back over the beef. ”

The ultimate feast for the steak fanatic, beautifully marbled and oozing with flavour this steak perfect to share or just have a go yourself….

Ingredients / Allergens: Beef

Two 120z Dexter beef feather blade steaks

Two Dexter beef feather blade steaks at 12oz’s each, best seared or cooked quickly on the BBQ for around 3 minutes on each side, rest for a further 3 mins and serve with the tarragon mustard for the ultimate steak sandwich!
Or try our recipe for pan seared Dexter beef feather blade steak with truffled shallots, semi dried tomatoes and Isle of White blue topped with mizuna in this weeks newsletter.

Ingredients / Allergens: Beef

A 24oz Dexter beef rump steak

We cooked the enormous 24oz rump on the fire pit while camping, simply well seasoned, brushed with olive oil and seared over wood for 3 mins on each side, then rested for 5 minutes, it was epic!

Ingredients / Allergens: Beef

Two 6oz Dexter beef fillet steaks

Fabulous Dexter beef from South Devon, the fillet steak is superb simply seared and finished with butter and thyme or rolled in salt and pepper, seared in a hot pan until golden as quickly as possible, then very thinly sliced for the perfect carpaccio.

Ingredients / Allergens: Beef fillet

Isle of White blue

This multi award winning blue cheese is a firm favourite amongst chefs, a naturally rinded soft cheese made with pasteurised milk.
Perfect with truffle, honey and of course steak

Ingredients / Allergens: Pasteurised milk vegetarian cheese

Netherend farm salted butter

Used by some of the countries top restaurants and chefs this butter has a real Michelin chef following.
“Like proper butter used to taste”
If you do nothing more than have it on your toast you will be hooked, great with the steaks too.

Ingredients / Allergens: Allergens-Dairy

Edmond Fallot tarragon mustard

An unbeatable tarragon mustard made using Dijon mustard, verjuice and fresh tarragon. It’s superb with our steaks but equally at home with fish and seafood, give it go in the greatest steak sandwich!

Ingredients / Allergens: Water, MUSTARD Seeds, Vinegar, Salt, Aromatic Herbs, Tarragon Leaves (0.9%), Antioxidant: Potassium METABISULPHITE, Natural flavour of Tarragon, Acid: Citric Acid, Spices, Colour: Patent Blue V.

Smoked butter

Fabulous smoked butter works well with all sorts of ingredients from corn on the cob to steak, add a spoon full to the pan when searing the steak for that outstanding aroma and flavour.

Ingredients / Allergens: Butter Allergens -dairy

Truffle salsa

Add that luxurious and unmistakable truffle flavour to your steak dish, we suggest you mix a small amount through some softened Netherend farm salted butter and add to the pan at the end when cooking the steak.

Ingredients / Allergens: Please see jar for details. Vegan

£125.00 inc Delivery

Sauce It works with small artisan producers of the finest ingredients, as such when they are gone, they are gone. We suggest you order quickly to guarantee your box.

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