Matt's weekend off, a Mediterranean party in a box

Find out more about the incredible products in this hamper below

A fantastic hamper filled with the finest Spanish artisanal ingredients. From top restaurant quality black rice to the finest Iberico charcuterie, superb cheese and artisan crackers, Cantabrian anchovies and some of the best tinned fish on the planet, all accompanied by fabulous olives and snacks and a superb olive oil! For this hamper we chose one of the best suppliers of Mediterranean produce in the country, David Menendez at Mevalco, who supplies many of the country's finest chefs.

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Order by Sunday 25th July
We then order direct with the farmers, fishermen and producers. The restaurant quality ingredients are then picked/ caught at their freshest and sent straight to you in one of our insulated 'woolcool' boxes to arrive on Friday 30th July

What's Included in the Hamper

Extrem Hand Carved BELLOTA Shoulder

“Top Tip, Bring the charcuterie to room temperature before eating or pour boiling water over the sealed packet to wake it up!” Matt

100% Bellota shoulder hand carved for you to enjoy at home. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour, with sweet nutty notes and a complex long-lasting aftertaste. Cured for a minimum of 24 months, the meat has wonderful marbling which complements the flavour

Extrem Sliced BELLOTA Chorizo,100% IBERICO

“The same applies here, Bring the charcuterie to room temperature before eating or pour boiling water over the sealed packet to wake it up!” Matt.

A 100% Bellota chorizo packed with flavour. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour, which is complemented by the variety of spices added by the producers at Extrem. It is best enjoyed after being allowed to warm to room temperature

Sobrasada Picante Menorca PDO 400g

“This (astonishing looking!) sobrasada can be crisped in a pan into bit size pieces, add some fresh chopped tomatoes, crack a few eggs into the pan and you have the hangover breakfast of kings” Matt.

A traditional soft spicy sausage from the region of Menorca. Made with the finest cuts of pork which are delicately mixed with paprika and slightly cured. An incredibly versatile ingredient, it is traditionally served spread across a slice of bread with a drizzle of honey, however it can be added to pasta dishes,

D Bocarte Organic Cantabrian Anchovies, 6-7fillets, 48g, tin

“Serve very simply with rosemary oil and some good sourdough bread.” Tom

With generations of ‘know-how’.....Don Bocarte are tinned Spring anchovies caught at their very best in the ports of Santoña, Gijónor Ondarrain the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay). They are cured in salt for 8 - 10 months and specially preserved for optimum flavour. The artisanal manufacturing process is carried out by hand by exceptionally skilled workers and takes place in the beautiful port town of Santoña by the Cantabrian sea

Wood Fire Grilled Sardines Loins in Escabeche, 150g

“Some of the best tinned fish on the planet!” Tom

GüeyuMar (The eye of the sea) is a small restaurant by the beach (PlayaVega), owned by husband and wife: Abel and Luisa. Together, they have managed to preserve the essence of awarded GüeyuMar unaltered on their limited production of tinned “grilled” fish products. Each tin captures the flavour, aroma and texture of their signature-Wood fire grilled cuisine

D.Bocarte Black Rice with Cantabrian Sea Squid, tray, 400g

“The black rice is a fantastic product that rivals that of any found in great restaurants. It’s absolutely the fastest way to enjoy this classic dish without any of the time or faff. Stir in a nob of salted butter to some of the olive oil at the end with a squeeze of lemon” Matt.

Don Bocarte presents this excellent superb black rice to enjoy with no hassle.

Zamorano Cheese DOP,unpasteurised, 320g

“The cheese must always be eaten at room temperature and serve with a drizzle of honey and some black pepper” Matt.

Our Zamorano cheese has an incredible smooth texture and subtle flavour, as a result of the lengthy pressing process which is carried out over 24 hours. Additionally, a rigorous curd-drying process ensures there is no rennet left, which ensures that there is none of the piquant back taste which can be associated with its better-known cousin: Manchego.

Organic Rosemary Unpasteurised Honey, 300g, jar

All honey varieties are packed by the beekeepers from their own bee hives located in Natural Parks.They are exquisite honeys with all its properties intact, originating from Mediterranean rosemary flowers, found in the Natural Parks of Sierra Mariola and La Safor.
These natural parks are located in the province of Alicante and Valencia (Spain) at an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters above sea level

Premium Picual Molino La condesa 500ml

Molinola Condesa EVOO is produced in a family owned mill, strictly from their own family groves, at the beginning of November. Juande, the mill master finds the perfect blend of picual, arbequina, and hoji blanca olives.
Molino is early harvest with spectacular organoleptic qualities.
Molino has a fruity taste because the harvest of the olives was done right at the optimum ripeness point. This EVOO is well balanced with aromas of apple, and a slight bitterness of radicchio and pepper on the pa

Retail Stone in Hechizos 85g dw, tin

Maestros Aceituneros is a company that, since its foundation in 1960, wanted to make the best olives and pickles, recovering traditional flavours respecting the environment and the heritage of this ancestral industry. They produce quality table olives and pickles from the best harvests following local recipes of their olive masters.
About the product: Manzanilla olives cracked and seasoned with local spices, following a traditional recipe from La Rioja. Savoury taste and a crisp texture

Espinaler Olives stuffed with anchovies, tin, 350g

Delicious Manzanilla olives, stoned and stuffed with anchovy paste.

Les Garrigues Roasted nuts, 275g, Glass Milk Jar

These delicious nuts come from the Les Garrigues Cooperative Farm in Catalonia. They are naturally sweet, with an intense aroma and a moreish lingering aftertaste. .

Catedral Tomato with Olive Oil Cream - jar

“Spread on grilled bread which has been rubbed in garlic and drizzled with the olive oil immediately Any leftovers can be spooned into a pasta or rice dish along with a few chilli flakes and some chopped anchovy and garlic for a quick fix” Matt

La Catedral de Navarra is a family business founded 70 years ago by the Sainz Family on the firm commitment of offering the best quality preserved vegetables and pulses. Their secret? The rich fertile soil, extreme temperatures and abundant rainfall from the Navarrese Ebro Valley.

Espinaler Crisps (Espinaler Sauce), bag, 50g

“Perfect with a cold beer!” Tom

Perfect with a cold beer!
EVOOThe Tapias family has developed an icredible range of shellfish preserves, crisps, anchovy stuffed olives and, of course, the most delicious Vermouth. Originating in1896, in a cosy Mediterranean “Taberna” by the Espinal bridge in Barcelona, the family became famous in the region, always serving the best vermouth accompanied by the best tapas.Crunchy and delicious, with Espinaler hot sauce flavour

Organic Ines Rosales Olive Oil Torta

Inés Rosales is a family business founded in Seville in 1910 by Inés Rosales Cabello, who recovered an old family recipe for making Olive Oil biscuits (tortas). Today, with state of the
art facilities ,Inés Rosales continues to make each and every Olive Oil torta by hand, following the original recipe. These iconic Tortas show case the unknown traditional Andalusian bakery.

Paul & Pippa Black Salt,Quinoa &Olive Oil Cracker

Paul and Pippa are Veronica´s grandparents who used to make lovely biscuits
and crackers with the best Olive Oil and seasonal local ingredients in the family
bakery. Verónica has decided to recover the family old recipes and give them a
modern twist to produce biscuits and crackers full of Mediterranean flavour.

Sour dough loaf

The Pochon Loaf is the result of an alliance of T65 wheat sourdough which gives roundness and mildness, and dehydrated buckwheat sourdough, which adds strength and power to the taste.
The secret of its subtle flavour resides in long fermentation and an optimal blend of selected sourdoughs.

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