Salcombe’s finest fresh shellfish for 4-6 people

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“The finest Salcombe crab and lobster from a small day boat, packed on the quayside and sent direct to you, straight from Chris the fisherman”
Serves 6 people with 3 whole lobsters, one large cock crab and one large hen crab.
Salcombe is famous for its crab and lobster, in fact it reaches nearly every corner of the globe.
We think there is nothing finer than a simply boiled crab eaten straight away with lemon, mayo and crusty bread. For the lobster, the king of shellfish, the bbq is perfect.
Our Salcombe shellfish is landed by one small day boat and delivered straight to your door.
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£95.00 inc DHL Delivery

Order by Monday 18th October
We then order direct with the farmers, fishermen and producers. The restaurant quality ingredients are then picked/ caught at their freshest and sent straight to you in one of our insulated boxes to arrive on Friday 22nd October

What's Included in the Box

Three fresh Salcombe lobsters (live)

“Our outstanding lobster needs nothing more than a good flavoured butter, maybe tarragon and garlic or fennel and vermouth. Simply grilled to release the flavour from the shells on a hot BBQ or fire pit. ”

Salcombe has some of the finest lobster in the country, Chris from Salcombe fish and shellfish lands his catch and will send your order direct from the boat to your door.
Three lobsters around 500-650 g each.
Place the lobsters into the freezer wrapped in a tea towel until they reach a sleep state at around 2-3 degrees, before splitting and grilling.

Ingredients / Allergens: Shellfish

A large Salcombe cock crab around 2kg and large salcombe hen crab (live)

“Some of the worlds finest crab is found off the coast of Salcombe in Devon, served simply boiled and cracked, with plenty of lemon and mayo or go wild with a Singapore chilli crab recipe! ”

Salcombe is famous for its fantastic crab and lobster, the crystal clear waters of the south Devon coast produce some of the country’s finest seafood. Our crab is caught by Chris of Salcombe fish and shellfish, landed and sent straight to your door.
One very large cock crab and one large hen crab.
We suggest you put the crab into the freezer wrapped in a tea towel until it reaches a sleep state at around 2-3 degrees before killing and boiling for 15 minutes

Ingredients / Allergens: Shellfish

£95.00 inc DHL Delivery
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