Right now the Catering Industry is facing its toughest challenge ever, let's pull together and help not only our restaurants, but our farmers, fishermen, producers and fantastic wholesalers

Sauce-it helps chefs, restauranteurs and suppliers to help each other whilst supplying the finest ingredients to an eager public. If we work together we have the tools to change this situation for many.

If you are a high quality supplier to the restaurant industry, a restauranteur or even a village shop, then find out how we can help by watching the video below

Welcome to Sauce-It

Here is a short video of an example food hall and a small taste of the suppliers available.

Why Sauce-It?

  • Now you can order restaurant-quality ingredients at home from multiple suppliers with a single payment. Click and collect locally or pay a single last mile delivery.
  • Sauce it has been created by people in the catering industry to help support pubs, restaurants, suppliers and their customers.
  • Sauce-it could be an invaluable tool for suppliers struggling to export their products with the new Brexit rules

The Problem now

  • The catering industry is going through its toughest ever time, another revenue stream is needed
  • Specialist producers to the catering industry need national reach to sell to foodie buyers
  • If you want to buy from independent producers and suppliers now, you need to find each one, and pay for each delivery.
  • Many producers cannot find a sustainable way to supply and deliver to the public.
  • Storage and stocking of expensive or short life products is risky, difficult and costly.


  • Sauce-it gives you simple tools to set up an online food hall and sell superb ingredients and finish at home food to an increasingly foodie public
  • Set up deals with your suppliers in minutes for a share in the sales made by your food hall
  • A NO RISK, NO STOCK revenue stream
  • No entry costs at all
  • Only a smart phone to participate, all the tools needed for picking, packing, and sales all on your phone.
  • Pubs support their suppliers with sales, suppliers supporting their customers and the public’s need for great food satisfied
  • Frictionless trading relationship setup, A supplier uploads their catalog from excel, or enters it manually and then adds images. With the 'dating' system, 'speed dating' is easy in less than 5 minutes from agreement to a stall appearing in a Food Hall

Why become a food hall

  • If you sell just 10 baskets a day, with an average basket value £100, you could add £52k per year to your bottom line with no associated stock risk. Use the form at the bottom of the page and we will send you a revenue calculator
  • As a restaurant, pub or farm shop, why not support your customers and your suppliers at the same time
  • Sell fantastic ingredients from multiple suppliers to your customers and let them pay you once at the end.
  • No stock to hold, receive pre packed labeled parcels from your suppliers for your customers to click and collect
  • All your own branding pictures and colours, easy to use content management tools
  • Use our dating area to find new producers and suppliers to work with
  • No Sauce-It set up costs, very low fees of £1 per multi stall basket
  • All you need is a mobile phone
  • Become an amazing online food hall, use your supplier knowledge to give the best ingredients to the public
  • Take away food sales supported with pick up slots, menu writing made easy, show allergens and ingredients in your dishes, see following;

Why become a Sauce-it stall

  • Get your fantastic restaurant quality ingredients to the public without individual deliveries
  • Support your restaurant customers by helping them to sell your ingredients to their customers
  • Use our dating area to find new food halls/ restaurants to supply.
  • Set the end sale price of your ingredients, agree a sales percentage for the hall and delivery days, that’s it you are away.
  • All your own branding pictures and colours, use our content management tools
  • All the tools for picking packing and sending orders included
  • All you need is mobile phone
  • Stick to your current delivery routes or go national, the choice is yours
  • No set up costs, very low fees of £1 per basket
  • Become a food hall yourself and support your own suppliers or maybe meet some new producers.

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